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With regards to the presentation of what archival materials on and about George Minne have been preserved in various public and private collections, we are dealing with the following division:

  • The archive that was retained by the artist.
  • A number of closely related archives.
  • A few relevant documentary collections.

From the three categories, descriptions have been made in the Archiefbank Vlaanderen per holding location on the level of condition. This is done as a basis for a complete as possible virtual reconstruction of the paper legacy of the artist. The overview can be systematically refined and supplemented, namely as documents show up in the public domain.

George Minne was not a man of many letters, but the good care that he provided for his letters of correspondence after 1910, and the fact that his paper legacy remained in the family after his death, both ensured for the survival of an important part of his archive in good condition. This is a rather exceptional fact for artistic archives that are frequently subject to collections' activity and, moreover, are under commercial pressure.

The earlier years are lacking in this first packet. However, for the Brussels' period-during which he moved regularly-there are important complementary archival materials. In addition to the papers of Octave Maus, there are also archives of Maurice Maeterlinck and the art collector Jacob de Graaff, inter alia.

The collections that were retained in various holding locations form an important documentary supplement to these archival materials.